Founded in 2012 by

Miguel A. Rodrigues & Vitor Geraldes, professors from Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon), who have specialised on simulation and design of cryopreservation systems for the global biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, together with the business entrepreneur Rui Estrela.

Smartfreez products result from a technology platform that is rooted in three dimensions:

  • Digital-Twins (computational modelling tools);
  • Small-volume Experiments (Accelerated and Down-scale studies)
  • Integrative Freeze-Thaw Systems that build into existing manufacturing platforms.

Smartfreez focus is on persisting product performance, under the variety of settings defined by our customers, to deliver higher preservation of sensitive biologics, easier validation of freeze-thaw processes requiring small quantities of drug substances, and faster market reach, by using simulation tools to minimize experimental testing.

Smartfreez is currently located in Taguspark, Lisboa, the largest science and technology park of Portugal.

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