• safe and reliable with our systems


    Preserve sensitive biologic products at large scales, maintaining its therapeutic benefits upon freezing and thawing.


    Anticipate the long term stability of your formulation in refrigeration temperature of frozen storage in a few hours .


    Anticipate cryopreservation hurdles and optimize your freeze-thaw parameters and formulation by replicating your process (bottle or bag) with a minimal amount of product (5 mL).

what we do:

SmartFreeZ optimizes and develops innovative cryo processing systems using advanced computational simulation tools in order to extend and improve storage stability of biologics.

Our technologies enable YOU to:

  • Preserve sensitive biologic products (protein, cells, gene therapies, blood plasma) at large scales, maintaining their therapeutic benefits upon freezing and thawing.
  • Build and validate cryopreservation processes with minimal amounts of product (5 to 100 mL).
  • Accelerate time to market by qualifying cryopreservation processes and methods, with minimal experimental testing.

Projectos Co-financiados SmartFreez / SmartFreez Co-financed projects:

Projeto Cryocube - Proteção Intelectual
Projeto SmartCell