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SmartFreez’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation tool enables to design small-scale and large-scale optimized cryopreservation systems adapted to each therapeutic molecule.

The chaotic nature of freezing, brings a lot of uncertainty to the cryopreservation process of biologic products such as cells and proteins, which translates into a lack of homogeneity, reproducibility and scalability in freezing, and a risk of product degradation and loss of its biologic efficacy.

SmartFreez’s CFD simulation tool, is an indispensable mechanism to overcome uncertainty and to anticipate cryopreservation performance and risks enabling to optimize and design the appropriate system for each product.


SmartFreez develops CFD simulations based on the different cryopreservation parameters provided by the customer that influence the freezing performance, such as product volume, type of container, type of excipients, solute concentrations, cooling rates or container layout inside a freezing chamber.

The outcome of the simulation work is a video that shows the freezing process and highlights the impact of the selected conditions on the stresses to the frozen substance.


A simulation with minimum variables and a pre-defined container (10ml lyophilization vial)

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A taylor-made solution, totally open in terms of cryopreservation variables

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Containers Lyophilization vial (10 ml) Any container type (ex: bags, bottles, vials, etc.)
Solute Concentration Mannitol 1g/L, 2g/L, 4g/L Any solute at any concentration (customer specified)
Initial Temperature 5ºC, 20ºC Any temperature (customer specified)
Final Temperature -40ºC Any temperature (customer specified)
Cooling Rate 1ºC/min, 5ºC/min Any rate (customer specified)
Outcome Video* Video* or any other reporting package agreed with the customer.


* the video provides a visualization of the impact of the selected conditions specific stresses to the frozen substance.

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    Benefits you get

      The CFD simulation tool allows to understand among the diversity of cryopreservation devices and containers in the market, which one has best fit for the specific needs of the customer, providing an effective guidance for investment.
      The CFD simulation tool allows to design cryopreservation processes for large-scale volumes using a minimal amount, such as 50ml, of the expensive biologic products.
      The CFD simulation tool helps to accelerate the formulation process, simulating the freeze-thawing performance at small and large-scale, to understand the option that minimizes risks of scalability failure and problems at industrial scale production.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. How can I access the service? read more read less

      To access the available free online simulations is necessary to fill the contact and simulation information forms and submit. The user will receive an email with a link to access the video with the result of the simulation. To run a new simulation, go back to the form and choose the new parameters and submit again. The user will receive a new email with a link to the new video.

      For other simulation requirements please contact info@smartfreez.com.

    • 2. How does the simulation begin? read more read less

      The available free online simulations begin after the submission of the formulation information form. When the simulation is ready, the user will receive an email with a code (link) to access the simulation video with the results.

      The free service is optimized to provide simulation results in less than 30 min.

      For simulations with other parameters not included in the form, or to obtain a different report (videos with other variables) please contact SmartFreez informing about the specific need and ask for a quote to: info@smartfreez.com

    • 3. How does the simulation work for the other parameters not included in the form? read more read less

      Simulations with other parameters for the available container(s) can be rapidly implemented in our current simulation framework. Please contact Smartfreez for providing simulation services for your custom parameters.

      To obtain simulation services for other containers or for specific substances please contact SmartFreez informing about the specific need: info@smartfreez.com

    • 4. What kind of results do I get from the simulation? read more read less

      The free online service is predefined to provide the visualization of natural convection (Figure 1), nucleation (when the liquid reached -14 ºC), ice growth, and cryoconcentration factor, which is the ratio of local concentration (in a microliter sample) over the initial concentration (C0) (Figure 2).

      Final reports are also presented as a cumulative mass distribution of stresses. Namely the stress time, defined as the time that the substance is within the ice structure and above the glass transition temperature, and cryoconcentration factor (Figure 3).

      Other reporting packages can be defined, please contact Smartfreez for simulation services.

    • 5. How many pricing plans are available? read more read less

      For the moment there are 2 pricing plans:

      1. Trial Plan  this plan is free. Its simulations are run on an optimized framework with predefined cryopreservation parameters for a predefined container (10ml lyophilization vial). Current predefined cryopreservation parameters included in the form are:

      • Solute concentrate (cryoprotectant): Mannitol, 1g/L, 2g/L or 4g/L
      • Volume of product inside the vial: 2ml or 5ml
      • Initial temperature: 5ºC or 20ºC
      • Final temperature: -40ºC
      • Cooling rate: 1ºC/min. or 5ºC/min.


      2. Advanced Plan  this plan is paid. The container options, substances and process parameters can be defined according to the customer’s situation and needs. This will require a specific solver to be developed. The price and timing for the simulation results to be available depend on the complexity and computational resources required to run the simulations.

      Please contact SmartFreez informing about the specific need and ask for a quote to: info@smartfreez.com.

    • 6. How do I pay? read more read less

      The Trial Plan is free.

      For the paid Advanced Plan, the payment terms are defined upon the agreement and definition of the work plan.