Normablast shield


The NORMABLAST Shield is a unique single-use system that enables the freezing, storage, transport, and thawing of biopharmaceuticals in bottles. Acts as an individual airblast for each bottle, provides high freeze-thaw consistency while minimizing operator handling throughout the cold chain.

Above all, the design of the NORMABLAST Shield is intended to attenuate the exposure of biopharmaceuticals to the mechanical stresses of freezing, caused by internal ice pressure. It also functions as a thermal insulator. It enables safe transport and storage while allows significant absorption of physical impacts in case of mishandling.

“Improve freeze-thaw quality while simplify operations”

Normablast Shield ice flat
Normablast Shield closed
Normablast Shield transport case


Single-use device that enables freezing, storage, transport, and thawing

Achieve high freeze-thaw reproducibility and consistency

Mechanical stresses of freezing are avoided -
pressure-safe freezing

It is easy to handle and lightweight

It offers physical protection to bottles

in case of mishandling

Preserve quality and
improve cold chain

When freezing or thawing a batch of multiple bottles, heat transfer conditions can vary significantly depending on their position relative to walls or ventilation. Although, these variations can result in deviations in freezing or thawing times that can last several hours, thereby compromising product quality and creating operational hurdles. However, the NORMABLAST Shield acts as an individual airblast, ensuring that all containers undergo the same thermal history. This guarantees a high level of consistency in the freeze-thaw process and reduces the likelihood of product quality issues caused by inconsistent thermal histories.

Prevent mechanical and interfacial stresses

Bottles are generally considered to be more durable than bags, but they still experience mechanical stresses due to freezing pressure. For instance, when a solution is frozen, the top layer of liquid freezes quickly, forming an ice-crust that encapsulates the remaining liquid. This confinement leads to an increase in the pressure of the remaining liquid. Additionally, air bubbles are typically trapped within the ice-crust, creating a foamy-like ice structure that has a higher interfacial tension. However, by utilizing the NORMABLAST Shield, the ice-crust and internal pressure can be reduced. Also, it prevents mechanical and interfacial stresses and preserves the quality of the biopharmaceutical product.

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