the best-in-class cryopreservation systems

SMARTFREEZ uses its strong scientific competences and its unique computational and modeling skills to optimize methods, processes and to build best-in-class cryopreservation systems for the biopharma industry.Our product and service range includes Lab Instruments for Cryopreservation Process Development, Scale-Down Models of Freeze-Thaw Systems for Bags and Bottles, Manufacturing Freeze-Thaw Systems, CFD-based Simulation and Modeling Tools, Formulation Services.

It helps biopharma researchers and manufacturers to:

- Preserve sensitive biologic products (protein, cells, gene therapies) at large scale, improving yields, reducing protein aggregation and increasing cell viability through a more robust, flexible and consistent freeze-thawing process.

- Develop and validate cryopreservation processes with minimal amount of expensive drug material (5 to 100 mL).

- Accelerate time to market by qualifying cryopreservation processes and methods, increasing the throughput, reducing the number of experiments, and the time needed for development.

the best-in-class cryopreservation systems
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