SmartFreeZ is all about helping biopharma researchers and manufacturers to overcome cryopreservation issues that slows down the technical and commercial viability of cell and protein-based therapies, that are critical to fight cancer and are at the reach of a very limited number of needed patients.


At SmartFreeZ we use our expertise about the freezing phenomena to develop new cryopreservation solutions that help the biopharma and biotech industries to optimize their production and supply chain processes, contributing to make this new generation of therapies more affordable and available for everyone.


SmartFreeZ is addressing some of the issues of frozen biologics, such as loss of therapeutic efficacy and poor cell survival rates of cryopreserved biotherapeutics, caused by problems like cryo-concentration and inconsistent freezing.


If in the end SmartFreeZ with its work, helps to make cell and protein therapies available to more patients, contributing to increase their life expectancy, there is no doubt that we have done our job and  accomplished our mission.


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